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  1. Genevieve C. Land

    I love you blog. What awesome information.
    I have already used the 511 impregnating sealer but the grout is getting surface dirt. Can I put a top sealer on the grout even though I already used an impregnating sealer? Thank you.

  2. Lyndall

    Hi, love your site.

    I had a pool shortened, and tiled with a glass tile through what seemed a reputable company.

    They did a terrible job, and didn’t use the right grout in between the pool tiles. Consequently I have patches of grout lifting and a few tiles also lifting.

    Knowing that the right solution is to start again, which I can’t afford, what can I do to extend the life of the grout?? Will one of your penetrating sealers do the job, at least for a while?


  3. Cheryl Wade

    If you seal honed crema marfil does that sealer also take care of the grout?
    I love finding this info but have a huge reconstruction project with different stones and I hope I can sit down and read through this and figure out what to put where.
    Thank you so much, Cheryl

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