Sealing Grout – A Short Guide

The process of sealing is not difficult, but the problems arise if the right process is not followed. It’s important to use good quality grout sealer and not the ones available in big boxes at most home improvement stores. The best source for getting a quality product is a tile shop or specialty store dealing with high quality grout. It will be good to enquire the sales person at the store and learn why they recommend a particular grout.

For best results it is recommended to use solvent based grout sealer, compared to water based variety. The reason being, the solvent-based sealer can penetrate deeper into the grout and offers easier application. Water based sealers tend to haze up if not cleaned off the surface properly. Unless carefully removed off the surface of the tile and grout, water-based sealers often haze up. Moreover, if they are left to dry on the surface of the tile, streaks can develop, which are almost impossible to get rid of. For these reasons it is recommendable to use solvent-based grout sealer.

sealing groutYou need to take some precautionary measures when working on this project. It is imperative to use vinyl gloves and see that the sealer can’t get in touch with your skin. Use a roller type applicator tool for applying the sealer to the grout lines. Let the grout lines remain fully saturated with sealer for roughly 10 minutes. As the sealer gets soaked in the grout lines, keep applying the sealer repeatedly. It is important that the grout lines remain fully saturated. Seal only one area at a time, taking care that the sealer does not dry on the grout lines.

The Final Phase

At the end of 10 minutes, wipe off the excess sealer from the grout lines and the face of the tiles. The best material for this purpose is white paper towel. As one stack of paper towels gets saturated with sealer, just throw it in the garbage and continue the process with a fresh wad of paper towels till you have removed all the excessive content. Make sure that you keep going over the tile and grout with the paper towels till you are certain that there is no extra content left on the tiles’ surface. Moreover, do not allow any sealer to pool up on the grout lines. Keep a constant eye on the tile surface to ensure that there is no residue left on it.

how to seal grout

If you find that bit of sealer has dried or made a streak on the tile surface, you should take a rag and drench it with sealer. Then wipe the drenched rag on the streaked tile and once again clean the tile surface with paper towels. And there you go, your project is now complete!


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