Epoxy Grout Versus Regular Grout

When comparing normal cement based grout to epoxy grout, one realizes the distinctive benefits of the latter. It’s in your best interest to go for epoxy grout because it has several advantages over normal grout. The most important benefit of epoxy grout is that it’s far easier to maintain and clean.

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For all of those who already used products like the ones you can buy here, going back to other type of material is not an option. I think we will have some comments about this issuse at the end of the post. But the fact is, epoxy grout can easily be cleaned using any normal alkaline based grout cleaning agent that dissolves all the dirt and grime present in grout lines. Now, can you remember doing that with the regular material? Could you easily clean all those brown smudges that penetrate deep inside? I know I couldn’t clean them all, and I was so mad at myself for wasting time to do that.

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Normal grout is highly porous in nature and it absorbs all the dirt, grease and grime it comes in contact with. Epoxy grout, on the other hand, is non-porous and wouldn’t absorb any contaminant or stains. So cleaning of epoxy grout just needs dissolving and subsequent removing of grime and dirt that gets collected atop epoxy grout.

Another distinct advantage of epoxy is that unlike any normal grout it needs no sealing.

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Because epoxy is not porous like normal cement based grout, it need not be sealed at all. Trying sealing epoxy grout is sheer waste of time, effort and money as it won’t absorb any sealer. On the contrary, sealing epoxy grout just encourages accumulation of dirt and grime on top layer of the dried sealant.

The main drawback of epoxy grout is that it’s more expensive. Moreover, its application is also quite typical.

Installation of epoxy needs extra care and thoroughness. It may require quite a bit of practice. Improper application can cause serious problems. If vapors of epoxy grout get dried on the surface of tiles, it’s very challenging to get rid of that, whereas you can get rid of vapors of normal grout using vinegar and water with a bit of elbow grease if needed.

Epoxy  haze that get deposited on tiles, if not removed in time, necessitates the use of powerful stripping compounds for it removal. At times, the floor stripper could damage the correctly installed grout in grout lines. Sometimes getting rid of epoxy grout vapors becomes so difficult that it’s worthwhile to retile the surface completely.

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It’s recommended to use this material on non porous surfaces like those of porcelain or ceramics. Epoxy grout sealer will surely ruin any kind of stone or porous tiles. It’s imperative to check beforehand that the surface you intend treating with epoxy grout will not absorb the grout. It’s nearly impossible to reinstate the finish of any porous material after it has been treated with epoxy grout and absorbed by the surface.

Despite the limitations posed and enhanced risk of installing epoxy sealer, you should till consider it for installing your tiles next time! Its unique and better properties coupled with convenience of cleaning and negligible maintenance expense make epoxy grout a better option that normal grout.











  1. Debbie W

    We have white floor with white grout. We also have 3 dogs. The only way to clean the grime out of the grout in on your hands & knees with bleach & a stiff brush. I’ve been thinking of putting epoxy grout on top of the existing grout to bring it level with the tile making it easier to clean. Is it possible?

    1. louise

      i clean my shower with hydrochloric acid when its really bad. i have a problem with the plumbing and for the moment it takes the very bad marks away.gloves, mask,goggles,sponge and hydrochloric acid. sponge over, leave for 5min then hose off till gone.
      i could be doing the wrong thing but i was told this would work by a tiler.
      works great.

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