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Now that you have finished with the basics, the floor tiles have been laid, the tile grout is there and having being cured fully for at least a fortnight from the day it was applied, and the tile baseboards and fixed furnishings installed properly, you are left with just one more job to do. And, that is to seal the tiles to give your flooring the required protection and waterproofing qualities it needs.

However, before proceeding with sealing, you should make sure that the grout isn’t stained by dirt or water in any manner after it was first applied. That’s important and if you decide to proceed with sealing the grout before cleaning those stains, the stains will become a permanent mark on your floor after the seal has been placed.

The two-week period that you allowed for the grout to breathe and settle properly might have made it dirty in some areas. You get many grout cleaning products in the market, specifically meant for removing such stains and these include the TileLab Grout & Tile Cleaner. Personally I would prefer to use Stain Solver as my first choice, but it becomes necessary to use one of these products when a simple wipe with a damp cloth fails to remove the stains.

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The most practical way to prevent these stains from appearing in the first place is to keep the room out of bounds during the period of curing. But if it becomes unavoidable, you may enter the room but make sure that you don’t enter with your shoes on and see that there are no water spillages or splashes. Socks or bare feet only should be the rule for rooms with unsealed grout, as also in the case of unsealed marble or granite floor tiles to maintain their condition before final protection.

Just like too many brands of tile cleaner, there is innumerable number of grout sealers available to choose from. Grout sealing of tiled floors should preferably be done on a regular basis, say once every one to two years. This helps to maintain the tiled floor waterproof throughout its lifetime, and it is quite an easy and effortless job to do.

If you are able to stick to the basic routine as pointed above, you may use one of the normal no so expensive sealers and get good results. Though there are some grout sealing products available that claim that one sealing can last a lifetime or at least for 5-10 years, I have not tried any of those, and also wait to see if they are really true to their word. Compared to the regular grout sealing brands, these are too expensive and personally I would very much recommend you to save your money and better stick to the annual replenishment method and use affordable grout sealants. So far, I haven’t had complaints using any of these sealants.

With a clean grout clean and your preferred sealer, you are now ready to seal. But just before starting the actual application, wipe down the entire floor with a damp cloth and warm water and wait until it dries, thus preparing it for the final action. To avoid any water from getting trapped as you apply the grout and floor tile sealant, you should see that the weather is warm or not humid at least, so that it evaporates very quickly.

Here’s a simple and straightforward video on how you should use Stain Solver to get rid of the dirt. Enjoy!


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