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What Is Silicone Grout Sealer And Do You Really Need It?

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If you decide to do grout sealing with acrylic silicone, you will be among few of those who have proven its worth. I’ve known about the fabulous effects of acrylic silicone grout sealer for a long time. But if you ask me if this type of  grout sealer is necessary, I will tell you that it isn’t.

The thing is, I get a lot more for my money and the durability is definitely better when compared to the regular stuff. I also find it easy to apply to floors, with some assistance from the brush though.

Just think about the effects of epoxy paints (click here for more on epoxy), which are used on garage floors. This is how I see silicone grout sealer and the protection it makes in the bathroom. Some would say that it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

silicone grout sealer


Silicone grout sealer is the best way to deal with moisture and dirt. Period!

Yes, it will protect your tile floors, or should I say grout – defined here, and will keep them look young for a long time. And the small cracks we can have here and there will also be sealed with it. Cool, right? I know that some of you may think that there is a better solution for this. The truth is, maybe there is, I wouldn’t know. Why? Because grout sealing I did with this product was more than enough for me and for people who used it. If there are any disadvantages, I wouldn’t know about them. At least not yet. Silicone grout sealer is a must in my opinion and will contribute to the grout a lot. If you have something better, please share it with me here. I would certainly love to here if I’m missing out on something good.

Like I said, my experience taught me that this is a good option for anyone who likes to do some maintenance work in and around home. I’ve mostly been happy with what epoxy can do for me. I’m not an expert, but I’ve used it more then a dozen times. So now I’m thinking outside the box and I’m going to do something completely different with my grout. I’m gonna use some epoxy paint I have to cover all those small patches and spaces between the tiles.

acrylic grout sealer

I know that I will have to prepare the surface in detail and that it will cost me time. But I think that this could be a great solution. Epoxy is resistant to everything. Why not use it as a sealer? Once you use the grout cleaner and get rid of the dirt, what is stopping you from trying it? Again, this is not necessary, but it is a better option.

My blog is dedicated to something different than epoxy, but I want to write about it too, if it is useful and can be used for other purpose. This is a way to learn how to solve problems. You probably used different material instead the one that usually solves certain problem. Well, that is just thinking out of the box. I can think of many reasons for applying silicone sealer for grout. And this is really important to me.

Few things are as special and satisfying as a good silicone grout sealer when it comes to tiles. I suggest you try it too. And be serious about this, do it all by the book. You may want to learn how to apply it properly, it is not too complicated.






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