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How To Fix A Bad Ceramic Tile Floor

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repairing tile floor

Ceramic tiles give a neat and colorful look to the kitchen and may last as long as the structure. However, an improperly or an inaccurately laid tile arrangement or too much of grout between the tiles can mar the beauty and style to become an eyesore.

repairing tile floor

Having prepared the surface and fixed the tiles with an appropriate adhesive nearly completes the job of tiling the floor. After the tile is set and dried in place, you need to fill the spaces with grout. Depending on the size of the spaces between the tiles, one may use grouts with a sand content or those with latex for improved performance. Grout is available in different colors but white or off-white seems to be more popular a color. If the grout has not been spread out evenly in the gaps, it makes the whole floor look untidy and a blot on the floor. Improper sealing also adds to that look. Good news is that this problem can be sorted out by do-it-yourself fixes over the weekend.

There are two ways of fixing this snag in the floor tiles. Depending on the enormity of the deformity you may remove all the grout and redo the whole thing or grind off the excess of it by using suitable means and devices so that the whole floor looks even. Here is how to go ahead with it.


A dermal tool available at any hardware store would do the job. Primarily it is a cordless screwdriver that comes a bunch of attachments. Special attachments are available for removal of ceramic tiles.

After you have made the grout even it will look dirty. The grout is a very porous material, meaning it has many tiny holes in it. These holes provide space for the dirt to settle in and thus impart that dirty look we have been talking of. The small pores therefore need to be sealed up. Before you seal those you need to clean them. There are many cleaners available and any one would work well. But an easier and more effective way is to use bleach. Prepare a mixture of bleach and water in equal proportion and scrub the grout. This treatment not only cleans and brightens up the floor but also takes away mold or mildew that might have grown in the grout. Now wipe up the floor and check how the grout appears. You may have to repeat the exercise till the grout attains the color that you want.

Tile Floor Installation Lakeville_medium

Next action is to seal the grout. But, before doing that ensure that it is absolutely dry. Sealers are available at most of the hardware stores. Follow the simple instructions provided by the manufacturer. The application needs a bit of patience and a steady hand so that the sealer is applied on the grout and not on the tile. Use an appropriate sized paintbrush and whatever sealer is applied on the tile should be wiped off then and there before it gets dried up. Now that the holes in the grout are sealed, no dirt or water can enter there and you’ll continue to have a good looking and bright floor all the time.

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