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Tile And Floor Maintenance With A Grout Cleaning Machine

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One of the secrets to keep your bath space and kitchen neat and spotless is to clean the grout between the tiles on a regular basis. Well, these are the two areas where you keep stepping in and out every now and then. Likewise, these two sections become untidy in no time, thereby compelling you to get it cleaned daily. However, the most important thing is to first understand the key reason behind those grout stains. In the case of bathrooms, mildew or mold leads to stains in the grout. On the other hand, a combination of mildew, food stains, and household traffic causes grout stains at kitchens. Whatever is the cause of staining, a strong cleaning solution, an acidic chemical cleaner, a grout cleaning machine or a hard surface extractor will eliminate all stains from the grout to give your bathroom and kitchen a new and bright look.

This is NOT what you want to be doing:

using a toothbrush to clean grout

So, here are a few tips on grout and tile cleaning that would surely help you sustain hygiene for your bathroom and kitchen:

  • First, take a mop and wipe thoroughly across the floor tiles. If you have any dry cloth, get the wall tiles wiped with it prior to starting with the grout cleaning process. This would clean away all the dust that have already been accumulated.

  • If you have a strong cleaning solution, apply it on the grout. Just be careful that the rest of the areas are all covered. You can also use a machine if you wish to keep all the tiles and the grout clean and fresh.

  • In case you are going for a tile cleaner, make sure to leave it for at least half an hour. This would be sufficient to remove the stains completely.

  • Keep a hard-bristled brush always that would help in scrubbing the grout well. If you are not having one, an old toothbrush could do the job (you’ll lost a lot of time though!).

  • While rinsing the wall or floor, make sure you do it with clean water and dry thereafter. If required, do not hesitate to repeat the process as some stains can be stubborn and tend to sit tight.

The result you want to get:

picture of a clean tile floor

As a matter of fact, there are lots of floor cleaners and chemicals designed to clean your bath and kitchen grout. In fact, there are commercial grout cleansers, heavy duty grout cleaners, and generic grout cleansers as well. So depending upon your requirement, you need to choose the right type of grout cleaner.

However, the use of a tile and grout cleaning machine rental is preferred by a lot of homeowners over using chemicals. Contractors who apply grout sealers prefer to use them too, when preparing surfaces for the work. If you are considering using machines for grout and tile cleaning, here are some great ones that will get the cleaning job done in style.

Several Grout Cleaner Machine Options

the power of a grout cleaner

  • Grout Cleaning Tool Turbo Force – What is best about this cleaning machine is that it is an outstanding choice for professionals who are thinking of cleaning tiles and grout of their bathrooms and kitchen. Being lightweight, it will not exert any pressure on your hands. It also comes equipped with an automatic vacuum compensator.Hydro-Force SX-15

  • Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool AW105 Spinner Wand – If there is any efficient tool that can clean hard surface floors with ease, go for this advanced cleaning tool. With a cleaning path of 12 inches, it has a capacity to provide up to 2600 PSI. So be it dirt or grime, all are sure to get wiped off from all sorts of surfaces with floor cleaning machines. Whether you are willing to use this equipment on rubber-studded, tile or concrete floors, Hydro-Force SX-15 cleaning tool will do its job and with quality results.

  • Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine – Cleaning dirty corners without bending your back or causing strains to it is a big challenge. This grout machine will now take all your pains as it comes with a 13-inch cleaning head as well as a good number of pads starting from red scrubbing pad, black stripping pad to one white polishing pad and a paid driver. With an impressive speed of 125 RPM, Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter makes it easy to clean your restrooms, under counters and more.

  • Carpet & Hard Surface Extractor – With a power of 122 PSI, this hard surface extractor comes with features like an auto dump and auto fill. Moreover, tile cleaning machine also comes with non-skid wheels that will be easier for you make it work on slippery floors.

  • Small area cleaning machine – There are certain tiles where the grouts in between are so thin and small that it becomes a challenge to get those cleaned. With this small area grout cleaner machine, you will be able to get this job done with ease as it will work equivalent to a small auto scrubber. Therefore, all spills will be cleaned up to make the floor look clean and spotless.McCulloch Steam Cleaner
  • McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner – There is nothing to get disappointed by if you choose to use this machine. It cleans various surfaces without the need of any chemicals, it even removes stubborn stains, grease and cleans porcelain. You can also use McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner to clean vinyl floors – they will be as new once McCulloch is done with them!

  • Surface countertop tool – Cleaning hard surfaces will no more be a daunting task with this advanced surface countertop tool. Ideal for cleaning irregular surfaces and cleaning counters, this equipment operates at a speed of 900 PSI. Contractors find commercial tile floor cleaning machines very useful.Hoover SteamVac Plus Carpet Cleaner

  • Hoover F5914901NC SteamVac Plus Carpet Cleaner – Although made to be a carpet cleaner, this product is very much suited to clean other flooring types, especially tiles. It has thick and strong bristles, so it can scrub the floor as hard as possible. The best part is that the bristles are quite durable and as a result would never break or turn softer with time. You can use Hoover SteamVac to take care of even the most stubborn stains and the dirtiest grout.

So if you are looking forward to getting rid of those grimy floors in your kitchen or bathroom, choose a grout cleaning machine for rent or buy any of the above cleaning tools. If you wish, you can even find out whether they are available for rent. Happy cleaning!!






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