I used to be  a contractor, someone who had been working with grout sealers, tiles and many other things for a paycheck. And I’m a guy who loves to do all the work in and outside the house by myself. DIY is something I am very passionate about. I’ve been doing home maintenance and improvement for the last 20 years and I still enjoy it.

This is why I consider myself a guru for grout sealing. I’ve spent countless bottles of various sealers and spent hours and hours on preparation, cleaning and application of various products. I know how many people struggle with this, just like I did in the beginning. That’s the reason I decided to start this blog. I believe I can help folks do things quicker, smarter and cheaper. And if I learn a thing or two from folks who visit my blog, even better!



  1. Cindy Roy

    We live in a 1921 house and our main bathroom has those tiny 1″ hexagon white tiles. I’m not sure what they are made of but am certain that the grout was not sealed. It gets really dirty and I hate it. I have been able to do a really good cleaning with peroxide and baking soda (maybe not a good idea, but I was desperate), but it takes me several hours and I would like to be able to preserve the clean grout without having to do this deep cleaning on a regular basis. I can’t imagine applying something something to the grout lines only as there are about a zillion lines! Is there a product that I can apply over the entire floor with a roller or something to seal it and keep the grout clean?

  2. marian miller

    I could use your expertise. I have created a kitchen counter top with 8 different species of wood, and used some kind of sanded grout (quartzlock brand name) between the wooden tiles. wooden tiles were sealed with three coats of varathane first. I really would like to “amber” the whole thing just a little …. i would also like to put on another coat or two of something to protect the wood further. Any suggestions. I know this is kind of a weird use of wood, it is kind of an experiment, and i think it looks pretty nice, but I would like it to last for a few years at least. Thanks for your reply.

  3. Sarah

    We just finished an amazing arabesque white porcelain backsplash with white grout. Much to my dismay the brush my hubby was using to seal the grout was dirty! Ugh. The grout definitely doesn’t look as white anymore. We used the Miracle 511 Seal and Enhance. Is there any way I can paint white “grout paint” on it or will it not soak in? Thanks so much.

  4. Lamar Smitherman

    Looks like you are the guy who can help me with my problem. I had a flagstone patio installed about 5 years ago. The grout between the stone is now cracking and coming up due to water getting between the stone and the grout and then freezing. Is there anyway to seal the grout. I know I will have to take out the grout that is loose, I was hoping to find a way to keep from taking it all out. I live in the lower mountains of North Carolina. We have a number of freezing nights. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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