Taking Care Of Tile Grout Cleaning


These days you get a variety of tiles, both man made and natural also, and each has its own characteristics suitable for different applications. Needless to say, they react different to various tile grout cleaning methods. Machine made tiles have a glossy finish, though you get them in rough finish too and are manufactured to have the looks of natural stone. Tiles made from stone and slate are often used for flooring and cleaning or maintenance of a tile floor is considered convenient than a wooden floor or a carpet.

A tiled floor does give the impression of being wipe-cleanable and such flooring, if professionally installed, will often prove better in terms of cost durability. They also have a common characteristic by way of the tile grout used to fill the spaces between the tiles. As far as maintenance and having a clean floor is concerned, it may be more important to pay attention to the grout than the tiles themselves.

Tile Grout CleaningGrout is a building material, its main constituents being sand, cement and water and is as a result a highly porous material vulnerable to staining. If at all, it gets marked, it often gives an uneven and disappointing appearance to the flooring that may be too difficult to clean. To begin with, it’s imperative that the grout be applied properly. In the case of slate and natural stone, it is desirable getting it done by a professional.

On having a closer look at your tiles you’ll observe that the grout is frequently buried at a lower level lower than the surface level of the tiles, though very minutely. So as a result of any spillage, it is here at the lower level, that the liquid will flow. As tiles are most often used in areas like washrooms or kitchens where spillages are quite likely, your maintenance efforts are particularly vital.

You should start by applying a good sealer. A sealer may be applied to both the tiles and the grout, though there are available special sealers only for grout. A sealer offers an extra layer of protection, thus making the grout less porous and less liable to staining. It will be wise to approach some company dealing with tile grout cleaning and seek its recommendation for an appropriate sealer.

how to clean grout

To assist your maintenance efforts, normal sweeping and vacuuming followed by washing, using warm water and perhaps an occasional bit of detergent, will help to keep the floor clean. It’s very important to clean the spillages then and there without any delay. For getting rid of any markings on the grout, use one of the special products available, though people often use shaving cream.

Over a period of time you may find it difficult to get the floor rid of the stains or accumulated dirt and bacteria. Under such situations it will be worth entrusting the job to professional grout cleaning companies who employ modern machines and techniques to restore the grout to its original state. You may also consider the application of a color grout sealer to give a slightly changed look to your tile floor.




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  1. Donna Schilling

    What an AWESOME and informative article! I am amazed at your research and experience.
    I do need your help though.

    Ace hardware handed me a bottle of “Tile Guard” Tile Grout Coating – white, when I told them I needed a grout cleaner. I didn’t realize it was a ‘coating’. (Totally inept here with grout and such). It says it contains “crystalline silica”.

    Well I cleaned my large kitchen of 30 years of grout grime with a steel brush and Krud Kutter, rinsed it well with bleach water, and applied this ‘coating’.

    I have 5 pets, a lot of foot traffic and fry EVERYTHING. New Orleans area here. Fried food is the curse of our culture. A lot of red sauces too!

    I would like to SEAL it also….just in case. It took me FOREVER, and I mean hours, to clean that floor.

    What do you recommend?

    Many Thanks!

    Donna S.

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